A/C Repair and Service in Mesa, AZ: What You Should Know (Conclusion)

If you need to get HVAC service in Mesa, don’t ever try to fix it yourself, or hire someone that is not licensed.

Get Off Season A/C Servce in Mesa | 480-616-3636
Get Off Season A/C Servce in Mesa | 480-616-3636

HVAC Repair and Service in Mesa AZ

As we covered previously, not only will having a handyman service take care of your air conditioner repair and maintenance void your warranty, it’s also possible that they will end up causing damage to your unit. Lacking the training, tools, and equipment of a professional HVAC contractor, it shouldn’t be surprising that a handyman is going to be much more likely to make a mistake and damage your air conditioner than a professional would be. The biggest concern you should have here is that if that does happen if a handyman damages your air conditioner while attempting to work on it, then you don’t have a lot of options in regards to getting them to pay for the damages. There’s not much that keeps them from simply walking away leaving you with a lot of expensive repairs to make.

On the other hand, if you hire a professional HVAC contractor in Mesa you will be covered. The first thing to remember about a professional HVAC contractor is that this is their livelihood, and they are usually going to work really hard to protect their reputation. So not only with a professional be less likely to damage your air conditioner, if they do damage it then they are going to be more likely to voluntarily fix the problem without making an issue out of it. If they do fight you on fixing the problem then you have recourses available to you. First, you can file a complaint with the registrar of contractors, which will have a major negative impact on their reputation. Then, you can file a lawsuit which if they can’t pay, then their insurance will pay it for them, in either case, you get the money that is owed to you.

How Do You Know It’s Time To Replace Your Air Conditioning?

If you take care of your air conditioner by have it serviced and inspected annually, and also taking care of any repairs that are needed in a timely manner, then it should last you for many years. But no matter how well you are taking care of your air conditioner there is going to come a day when you need to replace it. How do you know when that day comes?

One of the easiest ways is to ask an HVAC contractor. Granted they have a financial stake in convincing you to replace your air conditioning unit, but if you have a A/C repair service in Mesa that you trust then they should give you an honest opinion.


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