A/C Repair in Mesa and Heat Related Illness

A/C repair in Mesa is more important than you might think. Why do you need it? Well, without it, you could jeopardize your health, or the health of your family.

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Summer’s coming quick | Get A/C Repair in Mesa |

Hire a HVAC Contractor in Mesa To Repair Your A/C

Arizona is lucky in a lot of ways. We have a relatively low unemployment rate, most housing is still largely affordable, and we are largely immune from natural disasters such as earthquakes, Category 5 hurricanes, flooding, and tornados. Our climate during the winter is mild and temperate unless you’re living in Flagstaff or Window Rock which is always cold. While we get the odd microburst, dust storm, or pipe freeze, but for the most part, our climate is idyllic. That is, until you consider one serious illness that affects Arizonans and is one of the few drawbacks of living in our remarkable state: heat related illness. If you live in a home with a broken air conditioning unit, you could end up suffering serious heat-related illness such as heat syncope, heat exhaustion, or even heat stroke. This alone is a very good reason to call an A/C repair service in Mesa.

As someone who does HVAC maintenance, we are well aware of heat-related illness.   But what causes heat-related illness?

According to WebMD: ” Prolonged or intense exposure to hot temperatures can cause heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and heat stroke (also known as sun stroke). As your body works to cool itself under extreme or prolonged heat, blood rushes to the surface of your skin. As a result, less blood reaches your brain, muscles, and other organs. This can interfere with both your physical strength and your mental capacity, leading, in some cases, to serious danger. By reducing excessive exposure to high temperatures and taking other precautionary steps, most heat-related illnesses can be avoided. With prompt treatment, most people recover completely from heat-related illness. However, heat stroke can be deadly if not properly managed. Heat-related illness can strike anyone. But chronic alcoholics, the elderly, the young, the obese, and individuals whose immune systems may be compromised are at greater risk, as are individuals taking certain drugs, such as antihistamines.” [VIEW SOURCE]

Getting HVAC Repair in Mesa is a Requirement

Is it time to replace your air conditioning unit?  If your A/C is more than fifteen years old, you have a good chance of it going out, and the way such things work is that it will go out when it is the hottest day of the year, and that can start as soon as April.  Arizona wasn’t this hot twenty or thirty years ago. One factor that has caused the summer temperatures to go up is what is known as the Urban Heat Index. Because of the massive amount of development that has occurred in the greater Phoenix area, there are less fields. Since a lot of the areas are paved, the pavement traps the heat during the day, and releases it at night. That’s why it can be 3am and still be well over 100° long after the sun has set.  At most, you can hope for about two hours of cool.

You can kid yourself if you want. Make believe you’re tough and so is your family. Air conditioning is bad for the environment. Use whichever excuse you like, however, there is something that you need to be aware of. Having a/c is not a luxury, it can protect your health or the health of someone you love. Let’s say you are fortunate to have your parents or grandparents still with you. The older they get the more vulnerable they are to heat-related illness. You want them to be safe, which is why a professional a/c repair service in Mesa can help.

The high temperature for May 5, 2017 is 105°


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