A/C Repair in Mesa: Where Can You Find It and Why You Need It (Contd.)

When you need emergency A/C repair in Mesa, you want a service that can also help you with the simple side of HVAC maintenance as well.

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Summer’s here for a while | Get A/C Repair in Mesa |

HVAC Maintenance: Common A/C Problems

As we covered previously, knowing what potentially can cause air conditioning problems can help you in understanding what a professional recommends to cure the issue and help you stay cool.

A Frozen Inside Coil
The most common problem with air conditioning units during the summer months is a frozen unit. If you notice the copper pipe on your outdoor unit has ice on it, that is a good indication that you have a frozen coil. Most often, a system low on refrigerant will cause a coil to become frozen. A system not moving enough air through the duct work can also wind up frozen. A frozen coil, low Freon, and fan or filter problems can all be minimized with regular preventative maintenance on your unit. An HVAC repair service in Mesa can easily fix this problem.

The fan mounted on the condenser unit should be in good condition and you need to check on a regular basis to confirm. If the fan blades have any chips and cracks, then they should be replaced. For older units you will need to oil fan motor bearings on a regular basis. In the condensing unit, you should look for signs of overheating such as burned wires, blackened or melted insulation on the wires. For such repairs you should let a professional handle.

Do Not Try to Fix Your Air Conditioning Yourself

Is it possible to fix your air conditioning yourself?  Of course, but it has fixing it yourself has its own dangers.  An AC unit has electrical connections and they should be part of the areas that you check when doing your maintenance checks. Check unit capacitor using an electrical test meter and check the contractor switch for excessive pitting that might call for replacing. Your local air conditioning expert can help in doing any wiring and component repairs necessary. Dirt and dust are some of most common buildups on the unit and they significantly reduce air flow and system capacity. Shut the power off and remove debris using a garden hose. When cleaning, handle the coils gently so you do not damage or bend the delicate fins.

Many home and business air conditioners require routine check ups. Unfortunately, many homeowners and business owners neglect their Air Conditioning equipment and let outstanding problems go unattended for too long. As a responsible homeowner or business owner, it is imperative that you maintain regular check-ups on your air conditioning system. Air conditioning and refrigeration repair procedures should also be performed by qualified technicians, like at an Mesa A/C repair service.

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