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AC Leak Repair

Semper Fi air conditioning repair and replacement team

Might just need a tune-up?

In the normal course of operation, an air conditioning system can lose a small amount of refrigerant. Your HVAC technician may recommend a “top-up” of the refrigerant levels on your system as part of routine maintenance.

Sometimes it is possible that the coils inside an HVAC unit have cracked, causing a slow leak. Getting a tune-up with Semper Fi will allow the technician to assess the issues with the unit.

Ice build-up on the coils?

If there is a significant refrigerant leak in your air conditioning system you may notice an ice build-up on the coils, cooling may be reduced, the running cycle may be longer or you may even see puddles of liquid by your outside unit. It would be time to call Semper Fi Heating and cooling.

Freon and other variants used in older air conditioning units can be extremely hazardous to your health. Chemicals, like Freon, can cause burns and lung damage. If you believe your AC unit is leaking, we strongly recommend contacting the professionals at Semper Fi to address the issue.

Regular Maintenance is Recommended

The service technicians at Semper Fi can help you understand your options for repairs. We are here to help you get as much life out of your older system as practically possible and offer competitive, cost-effective system replacement options as needed.

Call Semper Fi at 480-616-3636 to make an appointment for a technician to check your system’s refrigerant levels and add whatever is needed to get your system back to working like new at full efficiency.

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