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Do You Have Problems with Your Heating and Cooling Ducts?

Your ductwork is probably the part of your heating and air conditioning system that you think about the least. You may have kept up with regular repairs and maintenance on your furnace and air conditioner. You may have even replaced your furnace or air conditioner in recent years, all the while giving little thought to your ductwork. However, there are heating and cooling problems that are caused by ductwork issues. The problems can develop whether your ductwork is newer or vintage. The technicians at Semper Fi Heating & Cooling can help you identify and repair ductwork issues that are keeping your system from operating as it should. Look for these ductwork-related issues:

  1. When your ducts develop air leaks, your systems need to run longer to provide the warm or cool air required. This will cause your energy bills to go up. If your system provided even heating and cooling when it was new, then it was properly sized for your home. If your air conditioner and furnace are in good working order, then the proper amount of air is going into your ducts. If the air coming out of your ducts is inadequate, it may very well be the result of leaking ducts.
  2. Uneven heating or cooling can often be traced back to leaking or improperly sized ducts. More air may reach some rooms more than others. Ask your service technician to evaluate your uneven heating and cooling problems. Repairing ducts to correct the problem is often the least-expensive as well as the best long-term solution.
  3. All of the air that circulates in your home comes through the ducts. If you have indoor air quality problems, as many homes do, it could be the result of dust and pollutants in your ducts. Air cleaning devices can make a big difference in contributing to removing the pollutants that cause health problems like asthma, allergies, and respiratory infections. Air cleaning devices plus duct cleaning will do even more to clean the air that you and your family breathe.
  4. Air that leaks out of your ducts contains moisture. The moisture condenses on the ducts and other surfaces and creates perfect places for hazardous biological substances to grow. Seal and clean the ducts and the biological growth goes away, making your home safer.
  5. If you frequently see insects or even rodents around your air vents, it may because they have found their way into your ductwork. Spraying for insects may not reach them; duct cleaning and sealing the leaks will eliminate them.
  6. Air conditioners and furnaces are hard-working home appliances. Most need to be replaced in less than 20 years. Keeping your ductwork clean and sealed will increase the life of your system. Leaks and dirt in your ducts will cause your heating and cooling system to run more often and longer, which will lead to total system failure.

If you are having duct problems, call the experts at Semper Fi Heating & Cooling at 480-616-3636.

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