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Financing Your New Heating & Air Conditioning System

Home heating and air conditioning systems work hard; they work around the clock for most of the year in most locations. Over several years, systems become too expensive to repair; the best option may be to replace an aging system. Air conditioners tend to wear out before furnaces. Good ongoing maintenance can add years of life to both heating and air conditioning systems, but eventually, both need to be replaced.

Obstacles to Maintaining HVAC Systems

A major obstacle to the purchase and installation of a replacement system is the cost. New systems aren’t cheap, but there is also a cost to not replacing a system that is approaching its life expectancy. Repairs mount up over the years. Compressors in air conditioners and heating units in furnaces are like engines and transmissions in vehicles. They can be repaired and replaced at a high cost, but after getting them repaired you still have an older vehicle with a high operating cost at risk of breakdowns.

Fortunately, most heating and cooling companies offer discounts, rebates, and monthly payment financing plans. About half of utility costs in most homes goes toward the operation of the heating and cooling system. With a new energy-efficient system, you can usually save money on utilities every month to partially offset the monthly finance payments.

If the repair costs are starting to add up for your heating and air conditioning system, it is time to talk to Semper Fi about your options for repair, replacement, and financing a new AC or heating unit. Semper Fi can guide you through the options to help you choose the best brand and the best price with the most advantageous financing plan.

When to Replace Your Current HVAC Units

Home comfort is another big reason you may want to consider the replacement of your existing system. If there are rooms in your home that aren’t properly heated and cooled, installation of a properly-sized new system can address this.

Be wary of any company that gives you a price quote without visiting and calculating the size requirements.

Don’t assume that the size of your existing system is the proper size for a new system. You may be experiencing inconsistent home temperatures because your current system is too small, or you may be paying too much for utilities because your system is larger than needed.

Financing is never a one-size-fits-all experience. Look for a finance company with an affiliation with your heating and air conditioning company. Some of the features you should look for include:

    1. Simple application process
    1. Affordable monthly payments
    1. The ability to pay and manage your account online
    1. No penalty for paying early

If time allows, schedule your replacement when your provider is offering a promotional discount. Always check for the availability of rebates and other discount programs. Semper Fi can help you compare the cost of a new system with the energy savings that you can expect to receive over the life of your replacement system. In many cases, a major portion of the initial cost will be recovered by energy savings over the life of the new system.

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