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HVAC Repair for Mesa AZ

One thing is certain about your Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) system; at some time in the first 10 years of its life it will need repairs. Early on the repairs are likely to be minor issues, but around 10-15 years and beyond the needed repairs may become more serious and more expensive. HVAC systems are expensive; you can’t buy a new system every time a control switch fails or an electrical contact comes loose. There are no brands of HVAC systems that do not need repairs from time to time.

The professional technicians at Semper Fi have the training and experience to identify problems early and repair them before they become bigger problems. Semper Fi offers a preventative maintenance program for only $10 per month that is highly recommended to keep your HVAC system at peak performance. Without ongoing preventative maintenance, your system may need to be replaced sooner.

There are some common HVAC repair issues that you can check before calling a service technician.

  • If your system won’t turn on, check your thermostat. Is it set lower than the room temperature? If you have a programmable thermostat, make sure it is not on vacation mode. Check the power. Is a breaker flipped off? Check your air filter. If your filter is seriously dirty, it may be preventing proper air flow.
  • Is your system iced up? Turn it off. With the system powered down, wait 24 hours for the coils to thaw, then turn it all back on again. If it ices up again, call Semper Fi for service.
  • If no cold air is coming out of the registers, check the air filter to make sure it is not clogged. If you can see your ducts, check to make sure they are properly connected.
  • One of the best things you can do for your heating and cooling system is to get routine tune-ups. Don’t wait until you have serious system problems before calling for repair. Proper tune-ups from the technicians at Semper Fi will keep your system running trouble-free, and it will continue to operate efficiently for years before needing to be replaced.

Despite all efforts to prevent equipment failure, there will come a day when you need to call for HVAC repairs. You may hear a screeching noise from the outdoor compressor unit that tells you repairs are needed. You may see ice forming on the compressor unit. The circulation fan may be running and blowing air, but it is not cold air in the summer or warm air in the winter.

When an easy fix doesn’t work, then it is time to call an HVAC repair service technician at Semper Fi. If your system has received regular tune-ups and preventative maintenance, issues will likely be identified early before they become major HVAC repair problems. We provide 24-hour emergency service and you should call if you have no heat on a cold night or no cooling on a hot day.

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