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Keeping Your Air Conditioner Operating Better and Longer

Lifespan of an Air Conditioner

Your air conditioning system is one of the bigger investments you make for your home. Like other equipment you purchase, your air conditioner will eventually wear out. Questions we often hear are, “How many years should an air conditioner last before needing to be replaced? How do I get a longer life out of my air conditioner?” There are no universal guidelines. We have serviced units that are 25 years old and replaced units that are 10 years old.


The long and scorching hot summers in Arizona mean that air conditioners work hard day and night for many months every year. Air conditioning systems in Arizona are generally on the shorter side of lifespans than they are in cooler climates. A lifespan of 10 to 12 years is about average for Arizona.

An air conditioner that has been well serviced on a regular schedule will last longer than an infrequently serviced system. Poor maintenance like not changing the filter often and not having routine tune-ups can cut the life of your air conditioner in half. If you are diligent about tune-ups ad preventive maintenance, you could increase the life of your system to double the average. A 20-year-plus lifespan for a well-maintained system is possible even in Arizona.

What YOU Can Do to Extend the Life of YOUR Air Conditioner
Change the Filter

The simplest, easiest and most important thing you can do is to change the filter often. The filter keeps dirt and grime out of your air conditioner as well as out of the home air that you breathe. A dirty filter will impede the airflow into your air conditioner, causing it to overheat. Dirty air can also cause electrical problems. Changing the filter is simple and easy, and it will reduce repair requirements and add extra life to your entire system.

Keep YOUR Condenser Clean

The condenser is the outside unit of your air conditioning system. Being outside, the condenser is exposed to the weather year-round. Leaves, grass, bushes and debris can block the clean airflow into your condenser unit. Keep the area around your condenser clean and give your entire system years of additional life.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Cooling your house when no one is home is a waste of energy and a missed opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a high-efficiency air conditioning system. A smart thermostat can adapt to your lifestyle, keep you comfortable when you are home, and extend the life of your air conditioning system.

Professional Tune-Up

The professional technicians at Semper Fi Heating & Cooling will perform a 29-point professional tune-up that includes a complete unit inspection, light coil cleaning and a written report of findings. If repairs are needed, have them done immediately. Your investment in time, attention and professional repairs will significantly extend the life of your air conditioning system while keeping your home cool and energy efficient for many years.

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