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Semper Fi Heating and Cooling Honors Veterans with Memorial Day Giveaway

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Peoria, AZ – May 24, 2023 – Semper Fi Heating and Cooling, a leading HVAC company dedicated to serving the community, is proud to announce a special Memorial Day giveaway. As a gesture of gratitude and support for our veterans, Semper Fi Heating and Cooling will be providing a free HVAC unit to a deserving veteran residing in Peoria, AZ.

This year’s recipient, a Peoria resident who wishes to remain anonymous, has a remarkable story of resilience and courage. Despite battling multiple medical conditions, this veteran exemplifies unwavering determination and a sharp mind. Having received a quote for the repair of his central AC unit, he was disheartened by the exorbitant cost, exceeding his limited means.

To cope with the scorching Arizona heat, the veteran resorted to using a window A/C unit, which only provides partial relief in one room. Consequently, he spends his days enduring the discomfort, wearing minimal clothing in an attempt to stay cool. Living on a meager fixed income and receiving limited food stamp assistance, he faces numerous financial challenges.

Compounding his difficulties, the veteran was forced to sell his car to cover a substantial increase in his monthly space rent for his mobile home. Consequently, he now finds himself confined to his overheated residence, lacking transportation and the support of local friends and family.

The veteran’s journey is marked by resilience and an indomitable spirit. Having grown up in the South during a time of segregation, he carries the weight of painful memories and experiences. Despite these hardships, he remains determined to improve his circumstances and has sought assistance with obtaining his birth certificate, an essential step towards accessing additional government support for his rent.

Semper Fi Heating and Cooling is deeply moved by this veteran’s story and is committed to making a positive impact in his life. Understanding the importance of a comfortable living environment, especially during the scorching Arizona summers, Semper Fi Heating and Cooling will install a brand-new HVAC unit in the veteran’s mobile home at no cost.

“Memorial Day is a time to honor and remember the sacrifices made by our veterans, and Semper Fi Heating and Cooling is proud to show our appreciation by giving back to those who have served our country,” said Jesse Keenan, CEO of Semper Fi Heating and Cooling. “We hope that this gesture will provide comfort and relief to the veteran, making his daily life more manageable and enjoyable.”

Semper Fi Heating and Cooling has a long-standing commitment to community service and supporting those in need. Through this Memorial Day giveaway, the company aims to demonstrate its unwavering dedication to veterans, recognizing their contributions and the challenges they may face.

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About Semper Fi Heating and Cooling:

Semper Fi Heating and Cooling is a leading HVAC company based in Peoria, AZ. With a mission to provide exceptional heating and cooling solutions, Semper Fi Heating and Cooling offers a wide range of services, including installations, repairs, and maintenance. The company is dedicated to serving the community and supporting various charitable initiatives.

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