Time For an A/C Checkup? Call Your A/C Repair Service in Mesa

It might be time to get an A/C checkup, particularly with summer just around the corner.

A New Air Conditioner? Why not get A/C Repair instead | (480) 616-3636
A New Air Conditioner? Why not get A/C Repair instead | (480) 616-3636

A/C Service:  Get It Now Before It’s Hot

When does it start to get hot in Arizona?  Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer to that question.  In the early 90’s we had a summer that started in April, and didn’t end until October.  At it’s peak, it got so hot that the planes could not take off from Sky Harbor Airport.  Earlier in February of this  year, it hit 90 degrees.  So it could be hot tomorrow, or two to three  months from now.  Your guess is as good as ours.  But we have a question for you:  Can you survive without air conditioning?

That’s another question without an easy answer. In the old days, no one had air conditioning. Air conditioning has only existed for about a century, give or take.  So if they could survive without it, why can’t you?  Well, for one thing, temperatures are hotter than from a century ago.   Back in the 1800’s, there wasn’t as much need for air conditioning because people found inventive ways of dealing with the heat.  For example, older Victorian homes had two ceilings, one made of metal which helped to gather heat and dissipate it with the help of ceiling fans.  A lot of older homes had transoms which were higher windows that only opened outward and allowed hot air to leave the home.  In addition, a great many streets were cobblestone or even packed dirt.  So why is it hotter today than a century ago?
One cause is what is known as an urban heat island effect.

If It Is too Hot, It Can Be Life-Threatening So Be Proactive about A/C Repair

According to this Wikipedia entry:

“An urban heat island (UHI) is an urban area or metropolitan area that is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas due to human activities. The temperature difference usually is larger at night than during the day, and is most apparent when winds are weak. UHI is most noticeable during the summer and winter. The main cause of the urban heat island effect is from the modification of land surfaces.Waste heat generated by energy usage is a secondary contributor.As a population center grows, it tends to expand its area and increase its average temperature. The less-used term heat island refers to any area, populated or not, which is consistently hotter than the surrounding area. There are several causes of an urban heat island (UHI); for example, dark surfaces absorb significantly more solar radiation.” [VIEW SOURCE]

What does that mean to you?  Well, it means that during June it can be well over 100 degrees at one in the morning. Don’t be a heat related illness statistic, fix your a/c today.

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