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Tired of Waking Up Tired?

Do you have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep? Do you feel tired when you wake up in the morning? Is poor sleep affecting your health? Your heating and cooling system could be preventing you from sleeping well.

Too Hot or Too Cold

Room temperature is a major factor in getting a good night’s sleep. A cooler room improves sleep quality and helps prevent waking up during the night. Your body temperature decreases at night, your metabolism slows, and you spend less energy while sleeping. A heating and cooling system that cannot adjust to the desired overnight temperature makes it difficult to get good and restful sleep.

Programmable or smart thermostats that automatically adjust to the desired nighttime temperature are a big help. We all remember nights when we are already in bed and do not want to get up to change the thermostat. Even with a proper thermostat setting, your system is not always able to get your bedroom to the desired temperature. Your HVAC system may need a tune-up, repair, or replacement to fix the problem.

An HVAC system that cannot deliver the proper temperature to your home is more than an inconvenience; it is a threat to the health of your family. Not enough sleep can influence your health, mood, and energy. Contact the technicians at Semper Fi Heating & Cooling if your HVAC system is not delivering the day or night room temperatures that you need.

Indoor Air Quality

Research has found that indoor air quality is as much as five times more polluted than outside air. Air filters are the No. 1 tool in the effort to keep home air clean. Use high-quality air filters and replace them often. You might want to also invest in an air purification system. Pollutants can be removed from the indoor air that you breathe. With cleaner air to breathe, you should feel better, be healthier, and be able to get a better night’s sleep.

System Noise

Your heating and cooling system will cycle off and on several times overnight. Loud noises from your system every time it starts and stops are likely to wake you up repeatedly. The good sleep that you need for good health is restful and uninterrupted sleep. Talk to the technicians at Semper Fi to find ways to reduce the noise level from your HVAC system.

Humidity Level

Humidity control is one of the often overlooked but important jobs of a heating and cooling system. Extreme dry air can cause dry skin, nosebleeds, and sore throats. Too much humidity allows germs to grow and cause respiratory problems. When you and your family are suffering from humidity-related illnesses, you will not be sleeping well.

Good sleep matters. A properly operating heating and cooling system will help you sleep better and wake up rested and full of energy. A properly tuned and properly operating system will help you sleep better. Get in touch with Semper Fi Heating & Cooling to get your HVAC system operating properly so you can get the sleep you need to wake up fresh and full of energy.

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