Why you Need HVAC Repair in Mesa: Even in the Fall (Conclusion)

Do you really need professional A/C repair in Mesa? Can’t you fix it on your own?

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Professional A/C Repair in Mesa

As we covered previously, while there a few areas where you can fix your a/c yourself, such as changing the filter regularly to ensure that your unit runs at optimal levels, the majority of air conditioner repairs involve opening up your unit and performing more complex tasks that a layperson may not know how to do. These are just a few of the many reasons why you should have your air conditioner inspected annually as part of a routine maintenance contract.

Make sure that the technician servicing your air conditioner is certified, insured and licensed as well. Find out if the technician works with the model of air conditioner that you have. Not all brands of air conditioners are the same.

Ask whether the A/C repair technician who is working  in your house has completed certifications.  A certification gives you a bit of calm when your air conditioning goes on the fritz. Even though air conditioners have different features, they have more in common than you might think.

What Are The Components of an Air Conditioner?

According to the site How Stuff Works, these are the components of an air conditioner:

Evaporator – Receives the liquid refrigerant
Condenser – Facilitates heat transfer
Expansion valve – regulates refrigerant flow into the evaporator
Compressor – A pump that pressurizes refrigerant
The cold side of an air conditioner contains the evaporator and a fan that blows air over the chilled coils and into the room. The hot side contains the compressor, condenser and another fan to vent hot air coming off the compressed refrigerant to the outdoors. In between the two sets of coils, there’s an expansion valve. It regulates the amount of compressed liquid refrigerant moving into the evaporator. Once in the evaporator, the refrigerant experiences a pressure drop, expands and changes back into a gas. The compressor is actually a large electric pump that pressurizes the refrigerant gas as part of the process of turning it back into a liquid. There are some additional sensors, timers and valves, but the evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve are the main components of an air conditioner. [VIEW SOURCE]

The most expensive component is usually the compressor. Whatever the problem, don’t try to fix your A/C yourself. Call a HVAC Service in Mesa.


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