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What Happens During Hvac Maintenance

What Happens During an Air Conditioning Maintenance?

A good grasp of AC maintenance is vital for keeping your HVAC system in the best possible condition. Conducting routine servicing keeps the unit working with maximum efficiency, performance, and longevity and, at the same time, prolongs the period between expensive repairs.

But what happens during an air conditioning maintenance, and what does this service do? In this article, we’ll lead you through the maintenance procedure in detail, keeping you up-to-date with every step of the process.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Crucial

Frequent maintenance plays a vital role in prolonging the service life of your appliance, increasing its efficiency, and allowing you to decrease your utility bills. Not taking care of the system can lead to system breakdowns, costly repairs, or replacing the equipment before the planned period. 

During air conditioning maintenance, a skilled professional will carry out a number of activities to guarantee that your machine remains in a perfect functioning state. In addition, they conduct the system success assessment and fix the present issues to prevent expensive repairs and increase the system’s lifetime, keeping your bank account in order.

What Does the Process of Air Conditioner Maintenance Consist of?

Now, let’s explore all the tasks performed during an air conditioner servicing.

Air Filter Cleaning or Replacement

The air filter has the important task of keeping dust, debris, and allergens away from indoor air. As part of the maintenance schedule, the technician will clean or replace the filter to ensure smooth air passage and improve the air quality inside your home.

Evaporator Coil Inspection and Cleaning

The internal surface of the evaporator coil may eventually be covered with dust and foreign materials, making the absorption of heat less efficient. The technician will visually inspect and clean the coil. They will remove any deposits to restore the optimum functioning of the coil.

Refrigerant Level Check

The refrigerant is responsible for cooling the air in your air-conditioning system. The technician will check the amount of refrigerant and refill it if necessary.


To reduce friction and maintain a smooth operation, the technician will grease the movable parts of your air conditioner. This ensures the system isn’t under too much strain and will continue to work quietly.

Examination of Electrical Connections

The technician will check electrical connections to see whether they are firmly connected and if any corrosion is present. Poor contact can result in system failure or lead to a fire.

Performance Check

Finally, the technician will review the overall performance of your system. They will monitor airflow, evaluate temperature differences, and test for any unusual noises or vibrations. If there are more serious issues, they will suggest ways to fix them or make changes.

Common HVAC Problems 

While performing routine air conditioning maintenance, the technicians resolve common problems affecting your unit’s regular functioning. Among them, we can mention:

Dirty or Clogged Air Filters 

Air filters usually get dirty and clogged, reducing the airflow in the system and the efficiency of the system. Regular cleaning of the dust and debris or filter replacement is recommended for the normal functioning of your HVAC system.

Refrigerant Leaks 

A lower amount of refrigerant implies there’s a leak in the system. If ignored, it can reduce the cooling performance and even ruin the compressor. The technician will find and fix all the leaks so the system is back to normal.

Condensate Drain Line Blockage

The condensate drain line has the purpose of taking the extra moisture from the air conditioner. If the filter becomes clogged, water can accumulate upstream and damage the unit, or worse, create conditions for mold formation. The technician will unblock any obstructions to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Worn-Out or Faulty Components 

With time, specific elements of the HVAC system can break down or stop working properly. The technician will diagnose and replace broken parts during maintenance to prevent future breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Indicators Suggesting It’s Time for Air Conditioning Maintenance

Besides scheduled maintenance, you must also pay attention to symptoms requiring immediate action. Consider scheduling urgent maintenance once you notice the following:

  • Insufficient cooling: If your air conditioner is incapable of cooling your home well or you feel temperature fluctuations around your home, there’s a problem with your HVAC system.
  • Increased energy consumption: A sudden increase in your energy bills without an increase in the use of your air conditioner is a sign the system isn’t working efficiently.
  • Strange noises or odors: Strange noises like grinding, squealing, banging, or a strong smell coming from your air conditioner should never be taken for granted. They indicate a potential machine failure or mold presence.
  • Frequent breakdowns: If your air conditioner is always breaking down or requires frequent repair, it clearly indicates it’s time for maintenance.

How Often Should Air Conditioning Maintenance Be Done?

A number of criteria, such as the system’s age, consumption habits, climate, and weather conditions, determine how often you should get your air conditioner serviced. It’s best to plan preventative maintenance once a year.

It’s ideal to do this before the cooling season sets in so your system will be in excellent condition during the hot weather months. However, if you own an old unit and live in a dusty area or humid climate, you’ll need to maintain your HVAC system at more frequent intervals.

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you schedule regular HVAC maintenance visits, you will ensure the following:

  • Improved energy efficiency: A maintained air conditioner operates more effectively, requiring less energy and contributing to lower utility bills.
  • Better cooling performance: Good maintenance makes the air conditioner effectively cool your home, ensuring consistent comfort throughout the year.
  • Extended lifespan: Routine air conditioning system maintenance ensures a longer lifespan and saves you money on premature replacement.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Clean air filters and evaporator coils reduce indoor air pollution by removing dust, allergy triggers, and other pollutants.
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns: Maintenance resolves small problems, which is how you can prevent emergency breakdowns and sudden repairs.
  • Cost efficiency: You get more bang for your buck, less stress, and better performance from your air conditioner when you schedule routine maintenance.

Having a Professional Handle Air Conditioning Maintenance

For thorough and efficient HVAC maintenance, it’s better to seek the services of an experienced and competent HVAC company. This is why:

Expertise and Experience 

The technicians are experts in the field and will carry out a thorough checkup and maintenance of your AC. They are trained to detect any flaws in the system and will keep your unit in the best possible condition.

Correct Tools and Equipment

HVAC professionals have specific tools and instruments to inspect and clean or repair the system safely. There are specific instruments for measuring the refrigerant level, checking the electrical connections, and more.

Safety Considerations

Air conditioning systems are composed of environmentally unsafe electrical components and substances, which can also put you in danger if improperly handled. HVAC technicians are trained in the safety protocols of a maintenance process, ensuring protection for everyone involved.

Warranty Considerations

If you have a valid warranty, you’ll need to conduct frequent maintenance to maintain its validity. A trained professional will guarantee all the legal documents and records of services are managed so your warranty remains valid. 

Find The Best HVAC Service in Mesa, Arizona

Understanding what happens during an air conditioning maintenance makes it clear how important it is to have a solid maintenance strategy. Not only will you protect the condition of your system, but your home will also become healthier and more comfortable while your HVAC system works efficiently.

Mesa’s Semper Fi Heating & Cooling is the company to contact if you’re looking for experts to handle HVAC maintenance. We can quickly and efficiently diagnose the issue and ensure the unit is in top shape. Our team of seasoned professionals can fix or maintain your HVAC system no matter what brand or type it is. We only use the most dependable and long-lasting materials since we know how hard Arizona weather can be on HVAC systems. 

Rest assured that your heating and cooling systems will be in top shape all year round since we are committed to giving our clients peace of mind. For more information, get in touch with us and book a maintenance service that fits your schedule. 

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