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Heating Season Is Coming Soon

As the long, hot summer begins fading into fall, it is time to get your furnace ready for colder weather. Furnaces are tough pieces of equipment with long life spans. They routinely continue to operate effectively for up to twice as long as some air conditioners – at times even longer. However, to keep safely, efficiently and comfortably heating homes year after year, your furnace requires maintenance and occasional repairs. Most furnace manufacturers recommend an annual preventative maintenance check. Failure to undergo annual maintenance usually invalidates warranties. The ideal time to have your furnace checked is late summer or early fall.

Preventative Maintenance Process

The objectives of furnace preventative maintenance are to keep it running efficiently, make sure that it is safe, and keep it operating for years to come. With those objectives in mind, you should expect the maintenance process to include the following 10 checks:

  1. Check the furnace filter and see if a replacement is needed.
  2. Run checks on all of the safety switches and confirm that they are performing as needed.
  3. Measure and confirm gas supply pressure.
  4. Examine the heat exchanger, looking for rust or other damage.
  5. Check the vent to make sure there is no blockage.
  6. Run and test the main blower and combustion blower; check for amperage draw which would indicate bearing issues and listen for bearing noise.
  7. Test for a high carbon monoxide level; high carbon monoxide is a serious safety issue. Get a free quote for repairs needed for removing the carbon monoxide threat.
  8. Examine burner ignition to ensure it is properly igniting.
  9. Look for and clean or replace corroded electrical connections.
  10. Make sure the drainage system is clean and clear.

The professional service technicians at Semper Fi Heating & Cooling will provide you annual furnace preventative maintenance for the very low and unmatched price of $17.75.

Run Cycle

As a homeowner, there are furnace operational issues that you should be watchful for; one of the easiest to observe is the run cycle. How often does your furnace run? How long is it off before starting up again? Outside temperature will influence the run cycle, but generally only moderately. Thermostat setting will also influence the cycle. Any time you turn the thermostat up, it will run longer.

As a general guideline, your furnace should run for 12 to 15 minutes per cycle. If it is running longer or shorter than that, your furnace may be developing a problem. If the cycle time changes from normal and you haven’t moved up the thermostat, that is another indication that attention is needed.

Call Semper Fi Heating & Cooling

For more information about furnace maintenance, annual preventative maintenance programs, or run time issues, call the expert technicians at Semper Fi Heating & Cooling at 480-616-3636. If your furnace is approaching 20 years old, or if it has been requiring frequent repairs, it may be time to consider a replacement. The technicians at Semper Fi can provide good advice.

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